Divination of one form or another has always been in my life, My great grandmother introduced me to it reading our tea leaves on a sunday afternoon, my Grandmother was a palmist and scryer whilst my Mother chose to use runes and the I Ching.

With that sort of background it was only a matter of time before I began my own experiments, dabling with pendulums and runes soon gave way to an intrest in tarot and a regular habit of reading for my day ahead.

Over the interveneing years I have come to see the Tarot as an invaluable tool to aid in self understanding, to clarify situations and to help arrange my thought and actions to carry me forward into a future of my own making.

About five years ago I opened an ebay shop selling readings on line, the business grew but unfortunately ebay policy changed and my shop was closed down.

Since then I have continued to read regularly for my exisiting customers and I have picked up a few more through word of mouth. This website came into being as I felt that I finally needed a permenant home on the internet where I could be easily contacted.